Laser teeth whitening

Laser Dental Laser

Laser Dental Whitening

One of the most beloved and sought after dental procedures is teeth whitening. In recent years, the aesthetic demands of patients have increased, most wanting a whiter, more attractive smile, and this desire can be achieved with the help of laser teeth whitening!

Why do we recommend laser teeth whitening?


How is laser teeth whitening done?

First of all, the surfaces of the teeth must be clean, so before whitening a complete sanitation package is made (ultrasonic descaling, professional brushing, airflow). The next step is to apply a gingival barrier, which prevents the whitening gel from entering the gum area. The special teeth whitening gel is then applied to the tooth surfaces, which is activated with a diode laser.

After activating the bleach, a certain amount of time is expected for it to take effect. Full exposure will not last more than 30 minutes.

It should be noted that teeth whitening addresses the tooth surfaces visible in the smile.

So, in a short time and without discomfort, your teeth will be white, shiny!

Steps for laser teeth whitening



the dentist examines the patient



establishing the treatment plan and their costs;



Before laser whitening, it is recommended to treat cavities, perform a professional dental hygiene and treat any gum problems.



performing laser teeth whitening in a single session.

Laser teeth whitening

With the Laser Teeth Whitening system you can smile without stress, with perfect teeth, in a record time, of maximum 30 minutes!

How many whitening sessions are needed to get the desired result?

It usually takes between 1 and 3 sessions of whitening treatment to get the desired result, depending on the natural color of the teeth and the requirements of the patient.


How well will the obtained shade be preserved in time?

Depending on the patient's lifestyle and eating habits, the white color of the teeth will be more or less preserved over time. A patient who smokes, drinks coffee, colored drinks, will need more frequent sessions to maintain the shade, while a patient who protects the enamel from dyes, brushes properly and regularly goes to the dentist for descaling and brushing will keep the result. long-term.

Fast & Fixed in 24h

The benefits of the procedure
Laser Dental Laser

bright smile

and much whiter teeth from the first session;


instantly, but also of the colors


is the only method of teeth whitening scientifically proven to be harmless to tooth enamel


lack of pain

a painless procedure;

small price

professional services at the best value for money.


LASER tooth whitening, compared to classic tooth whitening, is a non-invasive procedure that does not affect tooth enamel, has a spectacular effect and a lower degree of sensitivity during and after the procedure.

Laser teeth whitening

Do you want to benefit from laser teeth whitening and get a whiter and brighter smile?

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