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Dental caries is considered to be the second most common condition, after the common cold, which means that the majority of the world's population suffers from this.

This condition of the oral cavity is so widespread that it has become almost normal to meet it, unfortunately.

However, it is not at all normal or natural for us to suffer from such a thing. Our teeth should be healthy and strong, helping us to smile, talk and chew throughout our lives, but our daily habits often affect their integrity.

Thus, a diet rich in sugars, especially refined sugar, lack of proper oral hygiene, various nutritional deficiencies, consumption of certain medications and acidic, sweetened drinks favor the appearance of tooth decay.


Pain-Free - Laser Caries Treatment

What is Laser Caries Treatment?

It is known that the majority of patients who come to the Life Dental Spa clinic request laser caries treatment, this being one of the premium services we offer.

Experience in working with dental lasers is one of our strong points, in a dental market still dominated by classic treatments, with a milling cutter, which patients are generally afraid of.

We are sure of one thing: all patients who experience laser caries treatment are so satisfied that they do not want to go back to the old conventional treatments with a milling cutter.

The dental laser is an ideal tool for anxious patients, who fear the dentist in general, for those who want to access a premium service at the highest level, for sensitive people such as children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, etc.


Caries treatment without pain, without needles, without cutter

Why is laser caries treatment more effective?

If you wonder why, the reason is simple: the treatments are comfortable, without pain!

Basically, I have eliminated the main reason for fear at the dentist!

The old milling cutter approach is now being replaced by the use of dental laser, which it can be set according to patient sensitivity to avoid pain and to provide a Incredible experience friendly on the dental chair!

Laser caries treatment at LIFE DENTAL SPA

How does Erbium Laser work in the treatment of cavities?

Procedure non-contact

Radius laser"vaporizetissue tooth decay, without to reach tooth, procedure being non contact, namely instrument în sine do not touch the tooth.

In contrast to the haircut, because no there is tooth contact, no se pune pressure pe this, the tooth does not overheatingtherefore the dental nerve does not suffer even for a moment (overheating generate pain) and not even in the long term.


 Minimum invasive and selective

Radius laser show tropism for areas then there closed la color and richer în the watertherefore va act predominantly at caries level (Careers it's more closed in color than the enamel tooth and it is softer, so by one content then there sea de the water). This phenomenon is responsible for the selectivity of the laser and for minimum-his invasiveness, thus thatworking with laser, area de narrow healthy of the tooth will not fi affectso How se maybe happen by the action cutters.

A between the fears then there mari but by PATIENT it is that thatîn time cleaning caries, the instrument to nu removed then there mult from tooth than this need, undermining him resistanceWorking with the dental laser, this shortcoming is eliminate.


Un alt advantage al laser is the effect or bactericidal, removing bacteria from cavity where it follows a fi placed nine filling and în this kind subtracting risk OCCURRENCE of a darling secondary in the future.

The Benefits of Laser Caries Treatment


due to the fact that it can be adapted to the patient's sensitivity;


thus decreasing the risk of a secondary caries in addition to the new filling;

Dentin formation

It causes the formation of repair dentin under the filling, so it protects the vitality of the tooth in the long run;


The vibration level is 400 times lower than in the case of the cutter, so the sensation is much attenuated.

fast procedure

the possibility of treating caries in a short time and without pain (several caries can be treated in the same session)



the intervention is predictable

Noise Reduction

The noise level is much lower (300 Hz for the laser, compared to 5000 Hz for the cutter), so the treatment is much more comfortable for the patient from this point of view.

Positive biological effects

by activating an enzyme called alkaline phosphatase, involved in the formation of hard tissues (bone, enamel, dentin, cement), stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts that regenerate dental pulp, stimulates the regeneration of dentin.

Increases the retention of the filling in the cavity

so the risk of "falling the lead" is much lower;

minimally invasive & biocompatible

the procedure is minimally invasive for the patient.

What are the signs of cavities?

Dental caries starts initial that and white, chalky spots on the enamel Toothpastewhich then they become brown, brown closed and în final se transform în cavityIn the early stages, the patient does not feel any discomfort la level of injuries, but pe measure ce these se increase and se I deepen, appears and sensitivity, usually to thermal stimuli (cold, warm) and chemicals (sweet, sour).

In principle, on measure ce Careers se close to the nerve of the tooth, this devine from ce în ce then there sensitive again în lack a caries treatment can be achieved until la the need for root canal treatment with the removal of the nerve (devitalization).

Usually, se ia such a measure în time în which the pain becomes persistenceand inflammation not the nerve then there this reverseIn such moments, the patient feels initial a pain low what increases once time over time, not anymore fail la pain relievers and se exacerbating until When it gets close unbearable (the patients se cry of the fact that I can't sleep at night anymore, no their I can take more until la end daily tasks, etc.).

In such moments intervention the endodontic specialist is welcome, to treats the tooth in the canal and to make the pain to disappear.

The patient can see în the mirror some darling, for which se maybe address the dentist. Of those then there fines ori but, caries appear în hard areas access, with visibility low and from this reason are regular visits recommended la dentist for periodic consultation. The dentist can diagnoses a cavity yet from stage early de appearance, so that Treatment to be simple Easy and efficient, instituted How faster to prevent the complications.

LIFE DENTAL SPA Laser caries treatment

Clinic Life Dental Spa receives patients both from Bucharest and from other cities in Romania or from outside the country. No road is too long compared to rendering the joy of smiling in record time!

Are you still treating your cavities with a bur? Come experience the dental laser!

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