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For patients who want to smile without complications, the fixed teeth system in just one day is the ideal solution. A reconstruction with fixed teeth on dental implants is a much more comfortable and physiological option for the patient and, at the same time, much easier to accept from a functional point of view.


It is known that the majority of patients who come to the Life Dental Spa clinic request laser caries treatment, this being one of the premium services we offer. Experience in working with dental lasers is one of our strong points, in a dental market still dominated by classic treatments, with a milling cutter, which patients are generally afraid of.

periodontitis treatment with laser

Periodontal disease is a very dangerous chronic disease of an infectious nature. These can be caused by the microbial flora in the oral cavity that affects the gums and also the supporting tissues of the teeth. Failure to treat them in time can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Biocompatible Dental Implants

Implantology is that branch of dentistry that has the role of solving the problems related to the lack of teeth, also known as edentence, or those that are seriously damaged with the help of dental implants.

Canal Treatment Under Laser Microscope

Dental infections developed inside the root canals or at its apex can be treated thanks to modern technology, with the help of the dental laser. Life Dental Spa dental clinics offer endodontic treatments at the highest level, using biocompatible dental materials and state-of-the-art instruments!

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are prosthetic works made of different materials, with the role of improving dental aesthetics and functionality. The functions performed by dental crowns are to cover or envelop a tooth that has suffered aesthetic problems or impaired functionality, due to certain factors that have led to its degradation.

Laser Assisted Descaling

Descaling is a well-known procedure for removing tartar and plaque from teeth, but its effectiveness is greatly enhanced by the bactericidal action of the diode laser, when the two procedures are combined.

Biological Dentistry

Life Dental Spa is the first chain of dental clinics with a biological laser dentistry profile, a complex vision that approaches the patient as a whole, taking into account not only his dental situation, but also his lifestyle, habits, thinking patterns, level of stress, general ailments, immunity, his previous experiences at the dentist and many other elements that directly or indirectly influence his oral health.

Invisible Braces

The new generations of transparent mouthguard type dental appliances are the stars of the moment, due to their efficiency, absolute aesthetics and the speed they confer to the treatment. Fears related to discomfort and aesthetic damage to the smile during the period of wearing the device are eliminated.

Laser teeth whitening

One of the most beloved and sought after dental procedures is teeth whitening. In recent years, the aesthetic demands of patients have increased, most wanting a whiter, more attractive smile, and this desire can be achieved with the help of laser teeth whitening!

Dental veneers

You've probably heard of the procedure to restore the smile with the help of dental veneers, because in recent years it has become very popular. Due to the influence that the media has on people's lives, many of them choose as various models celebrities who display that perfect, white, Hollywood smile. And many of us want something similar, aspire to that perfect, flawless image.

Discover biological laser dentistry!

Schedule a specialist consultation and receive the complete treatment plan from us free of charge. You can see  Price list informative or you can contact us by phone 0318.282.274. During the program hours we are also available on Chat.


"Dear ones, it didn't hurt at all! The doctor performed my dental procedures without pain and I feel very well. It was hard the first days, but now I'm ok! ”

- Andra maruta

"An attractive smile is the key to success. That's why we chose the LASER Life Dental Spa chain - for a Hollywood smile."

- Cristina sighed

"The first time I was with David, the second time with Eva, and the third time I came here, to our friends, with Mateo (my nephew), because he had to seal his jaws and have perfect teeth. And Ana was grade 10! So… David was, Eva was, Mateo was, but we still have work to do! Thank you very much! ”


"Ever since I came to Life Dental Spa, I've forgotten what pain is at the dentist. I overcame the fear that kept me from going to the dentist for about 3 years, since I had little girls. I got rid of those who did anesthesia, which is a wonderful thing and any work, any work is done with the laser. From caries to laser whitening. ”


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