Periodontal treatment

biological protocol developed by DR. Cristina works

Periodontitis is considered to be the most serious dental condition, because untreated can lead to tooth loss. Until recently, it was considered that periodontitis has no cure, and dentists did not recommend a specific treatment, but only the classic descaling and the use of certain toothpastes or, at best, subgingival curettage.

How does periodontitis occur?

The bacteria that cause the disease are initially confined to the subgingival area and cause inflammation, with redness of the gums and bleeding when brushing or even spontaneously. This stage is called gingivitis, which if left untreated, will continue to progress to the periodontitis stage. The bacteria will penetrate deep and will begin to destroy the bone, thus affecting the support of the teeth, which become mobile and are lost from the arches.

In short, untreated periodontitis inevitably leads to tooth loss.


What is the biological protocol developed by Dr. Cristina Obreja?

Unfortunately, even today in many clinics in Romania, periodontitis is either not diagnosed or is diagnosed too late, and what is worse, very often is not offered effective and correct treatment for patients suffering.

There were many cases in which patients came to our clinic, who, although they went to the dentist regularly, never received treatment for periodontitis. Some of them had been treated superficially and ineffectively with antibiotics, descaling, mouthwashes, injections and various vaccines. All this improved the situation for a while, but because the causes persisted, the condition recurred.

Most of these patients had already resigned themselves to the idea that sooner or later they would lose their teeth, until they resorted to the biological protocol for treating periodontitis offered by Life Dental Spa. From the moment they found out what it consisted of and actually tested it, these patients began to hope for healthy teeth again.

For all patients suffering from periodontal disease, the Life Dental Spa team of specialists offers this unique treatment protocol in Romania for periodontal disease. It is called a biological protocol because it is primarily a minimally invasive approach, with respect for the patient's tissues, comfortable and non-traumatic. Secondly, it takes into account all the factors that led to the appearance of the disease, and the treatment addresses all these factors, not just the local ones, located in the oral cavity.

Laser-treated periodontitis

Who is Dr. Cristina Obreja?

Dr. Cristina Obreja is the founder of the Life Dental Spa chain of clinics and the medical director of this organization. Being a dentist with accredited competence in laser therapy obtained at the University of Aachen (Germany), he made his contribution to the development of this unique protocol in Romania, applying the knowledge he acquired following specialized courses abroad.

In addition to dentistry, Dr. Cristina Obreja has studies in phytotherapy, apitherapy, aromatherapy and traditional oriental medicine (ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine), and the biological protocol for the treatment of periodontitis includes elements of these holistic health systems. The diploma attesting to these alternative medicine studies was obtained in Bucharest, within the National Center for Perfection in the Medical Field (2009), but the knowledge acquired here was supplemented over time with information from numerous courses and conferences that addressed these subjects.

Periodontics Dr. Cristina Obreja

Dr. Cristina Obreja is a member of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (USA) and approaches a deeply biologically integrated vision of dentistry, based on minimal invasiveness and respect for the patient's tissues, the absence of pain during treatments and counseling patients for dental health.

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periodontitis treatment

What are the treatment directions?

The treatment of laser periodontitis by the biological protocol developed by Dr. Cristina Obreja aims at 3 main directions:

  1. Identifying and eliminating the causes of the disease (which can be found in the patient's lifestyle, hygiene, diet, unhealthy habits, lack of stress management, etc.). This stage is particularly important, because if it is not approached or treated superficially, the risk of recurrence of the disease is almost 100%, no matter how well the local therapy is performed in the office. The condition is the result of certain mistakes that the patient makes in daily life, and if these mistakes persist, they will continue to generate symptoms.

2. Laser periodontitis treatment, in the office. The therapy is usually performed in 4 sessions, in which we use ultrasound to remove the supra- and subgingival tartar, but the main tool will be the dental laser. We use several types of dental laser, and the selection of the category of laser used is made according to the diagnosis and the patient's needs. 

The most important type of laser is Erbium, with extraordinary properties in the treatment of periodontitis:

  • It is bactericidal - with its help we eliminate the bacteria that cause the disease
  • Performs minimally invasive ablation - with its help we vaporize infected tissues in the subgingival area and periodontal pockets, without affecting healthy tissue
  • It is anti-inflammatory - eliminates inflammation
  • Eliminate bleeding - the patient will no longer bleed when brushing or spontaneously!
  • Reshapes swollen and oversized gums

At the end of the treatment, the gum will be healthy again, pink, without signs of inflammation, without bleeding. Depending on the time of the disease in which the treatment is instituted, the chances are higher or lower to keep the patient's teeth on the arches.

IMPORTANT! The biological protocol developed by Dr. Cristina Obreja DOES NOT USE THE SMOKE! Therefore, it is NOT a classic curettage accompanied by a laser decontamination, as it is practiced in certain offices in Romania, but it is a treatment in which the FULL LASER is used! It is important to eliminate this confusion that has been occurring frequently lately on the Romanian dental market! We consider the curette to be a traumatic tool, invasive to the roots of the teeth and to the gingival tissue, and which performs a strictly mechanical procedure, without antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

In the biological protocol for treating laser periodontitis, we limit the use of antibiotics (it is rarely recommended, only in certain cases), we do not use or recommend chlorhexidine for home use, we do not prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs. With this treatment, we create the necessary conditions for the body to stop the evolution of the disease, without subjecting it to unnecessary medication.

3. Patient monitoring and maintenance of long-term results

Any treatment with beneficial effects needs long-term maintenance. Periodontitis is a condition that requires care for the rest of your life, which is why Dr. Cristina Obreja has developed a complex plan for maintaining the patient at home. Every patient who benefits from a periodontitis treatment at Life Dental Spa receives counseling related to:

  • the correct way of oral hygiene (brushing technique, use of special means of hygiene, type of toothbrush and mouthwash, etc.)
  • Recommendations for oral hygiene products with 100% natural ingredients (toothpaste and mouthwash)
  • Mouthwash recipes and home-made toothpaste with natural ingredients
  • Natural methods for purifying the oral cavity and stimulating tissue healing and regeneration
  • List of natural supplements for strengthening bones and gums
  • Clear protocol for long-term dentist maintenance (procedures with a role in preventing recurrence that include laser decontamination of the oral cavity, ozone therapy, etc.).

It is very important to hold the patient accountable who is required to be aware of and eliminate the causes of the disease and then to change those habits in his lifestyle that maintain relapses.

Treatment of Periodontitis

Here are the benefits you will get if you opt for the Biological Protocol for the treatment of laser periodontitis:

NON-SURGICAL treatment

does not involve the use of a scalpel or suture;

does not require anesthesia

in 99% of cases, because it is PAINLESS;

stops periodontitis

it is a treatment that stops long-term periodontitis;

very effective

the results are immediate;

respects the principles of holistic dentistry

it addresses the causes, not only the effects, it is minimally invasive, conservative with the tissues, it respects the balance of the organism and helps it to fight against the disease;



It is a unique protocol in Romania

maintaining a healthy smile

periodontitis will be stopped and you will be able to keep your natural teeth on the arches for as long as possible;

without implants

decreases the need to insert dental implants or prosthesis;

lower costs

than those that would involve the loss of teeth and their replacement with dental implants.

includes recommendations

extended for the maintenance of the health condition obtained after the treatment;


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