What do the patients of the Life Dental Spa clinics say?

Catalin Maruta

I went the first time with David, the second time with Eva, and the third time I came here to our friends with Mateo (my nephew), because he had to seal his teeth and have perfect teeth. And Ana was grade 10!

So… David was, Eva was, Mateo was, but we still have work to do!

Thank you very much!

Clonda trays

Howdy! I'm Tavi Clonda and I want to say that I'm very happy to have discovered Life Dental Spa.

Because since I came to Life Dental Spa I've forgotten what pain means at the dentist.
I overcame the fear that kept me from going to the dentist for about 3 years, since I had little girls.

I got rid of those who did anesthesia, which is a wonderful thing and any work, any work is done with the laser.

From caries to laser whitening.

The money difference is very small, I recommend Life Dental Spa, forget the fear at the dentist, take care of your teeth and be healthy both mentally and physically Life Dental Spa!

Gabriela Clonda (Cristea)

After a long time, I decided to come to the dentist and I did well, because despite the fact that apparently I had no problem, because unfortunately, when it comes to teeth, problems can appear without symptoms.

Something that also happened to me and I am very happy that I chose Life Dental Spa, because things happen here without pain, without frica and it's very relaxing.