Laser dental sealing in children

Dental Sealing

What is laser tooth sealing?

Laser dental sealing is a non-invasive and protective procedure for the tooth, which addresses both milk and permanent dentition. Basically, the tooth grooves are decontaminated with laser beam, being thus prepared for the application of a sealing material that seals the area, protecting it from the appearance of caries.

This procedure aims to protect children's teeth from caries, because the sealant covers the grooves, and food debris and bacterial plaque are easy to remove. Most of the time, children have decayed gums, because daily brushing is difficult for the little ones. Thus, a method of protecting the teeth from decay and preventing their infection with bacteria is sealing the teeth.


Who is recommended to seal their teeth with a laser?

Sealing children's teeth is recommended with the eruption of the first permanent molars, around the age of 6, but also in the case of milk teeth. In the case of milk teeth, cavities are quite common and they can become painful. Also, milk teeth lost before the term favor the migration of the other teeth and disturb the bite. The dentists at the LIFE DENTAL SPA clinic recommend sealing the teeth before the appearance of cavities, because oral hygiene is not performed properly at a young age.

Unlike the classic method of sealing teeth, at Life Dental Spa the little ones benefit from a simple, fast and painless procedure with the help of the laser.

Laser tooth sealing is a non-invasive technique that is performed in 3 steps:


treatment of dental surfaces to be sealed with LASER

the laser is bactericidal and removes all bacteria present on the sealing surfaces, which will remain clean and ready to receive the sealant. This avoids the appearance of secondary caries under the seal or on its edges. Laser preparation of dental surfaces also increases the adhesion of the sealant to the tooth.


application of the dental seal

is a fluid composite material that is placed on the grooves of the teeth to be sealed and that is photopolymerized (hardens) in the presence of UV light.


functional adaptation (in the bite)

after applying the seal, the doctor checks if the sealing material does not affect the occlusion (bite), with the help of the joint paper, and corrects any inappropriate contacts.

Why choose laser tooth sealing for children?

Laser tooth sealing in children at the LIFE DENTAL SPA clinic brings a number of benefits:

Bactericidal effect

The bactericidal effect of the laser decreases by almost zero the chances of caries appearing under the sealant

Painless procedure

Children will not feel any discomfort during this procedure



It is quick to perform (short working time, the patient cooperates well)


Safe procedure, if the little patient has sudden, uncontrolled movements, the laser does not damage the tissues around the tooth (tongue, lips, cheeks)

minimally invasive

The laser does not touch the tooth


The Life Dental Spa clinic receives patients both from Bucharest and from other cities in Romania or from outside the country. No road is too long compared to children's dental health.

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