Root canal treatment

Canal treatment becomes necessary when caries has advanced greatly and affected the nerve of the tooth. Often, the pain that occurs when the nerve suffers is extremely acute and hard to bear, and at some level, no longer respond to any pain medication. For this reason, a canal treatment intervention is required, with (devitalization), cleaning the canal and decontaminating it with laser, followed by filling the canal with gutta-percha. 


To whom is the canal treatment recommended?

In some cases, the nerve dies without symptoms and this can be diagnosed by the dentist after clinical and radiological examination. At other times, on the radiograph can be identified cystic formations, granulomas, attached to the roots, which can also be approached by canal retreatment.


Why is the Microscope used in Channel Treatment?

The microscope is a modern and extremely useful tool for the endodontic specialist, because it allows a much better visibility of the work area, the identification of all root canals and their appropriate processing.


Is the use of a microscope efficient?

Magnification provides details about the anatomy of the tooth and helps to achieve a correct treatment, under visual inspection, which is much more difficult to obtain through a classic treatment, based more on the doctor's tactile sense than on visibility. Also, possible fractures, cracks in the tooth root, foreign bodies, fractured instruments in the canal, etc. can be identified under the microscope.


Why is the Dental Laser used in Microscope Root Canal Treatment?

The dental laser is an excellent adjunct in canal treatments, both in the case of devitalizations and in the case of retreatments (restoration of older canal treatments, inappropriate). The laser beam decontaminates the root canals through the bactericidal effect, eliminating pathogenic microorganisms that, if not removed, can cause subsequent local infections (granulomas, cysts, abscesses, etc.). For this reason, Life Dental Spa clinics have introduced in the canal treatment protocol the mandatory use of the dental laser and the microscope, for a high quality service, which guarantees excellent long-term results.



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