Dental appliance – Spark

Invisible braces - Spark

The new generations of transparent bristle braces are the stars of the moment, due to their efficiency, absolute aesthetics and the speed they give to the treatment.

Fears related to discomfort and the aesthetic impact of the smile during the wearing of the device are eliminated:


When do you need an orthodontic appliance?

In any situation in which the teeth are not aligned correctly on the arches, and the relationships of the maxillary teeth with the mandibular ones are not the normal ones, physiological, the dental treatment is recommended.

Life Dental Spa specialists offer you quality services, so that you can carry out your daily activities without feeling embarrassed by your own smile.

Invisible braces

What is orthodontic treatment?

Contrary to many people's beliefs, orthodontic treatment is not a beautification procedure (although the end result is 100% aesthetic) but an absolutely necessary one to restore the functional harmony of the occlusion (bite).

An unbalanced occlusion (bite) produces traumatic forces on the teeth, which are also transmitted to the jaw bones, which can cause bone resorption, gingival retraction, endangering the stability of the teeth on the arches (teeth can become mobile and can be lost in time).


Invisible Spark Braces

In addition, the "crooked" teeth, crowded, retain a lot of bacterial plaque, which is then difficult to clean and produces chronic gingival inflammation, with the possible installation of a periodontitis.


Therefore, orthodontic treatment is not a "fad", but an absolute necessity for oral health.

Stages of orthodontic treatment



the orthodontist examines the patient.



establishing the treatment plan and their costs;



The specialist provides the patient with invisible braces



the patient comes to the clinic for regular check-ups, to change the mouthpieces and maintain the health of the teeth.

invisible spark braces

What is the procedure?

First of all, the patient will need a specialist consultation with the orthodontist, where he will be presented with a file of special orthodontic investigations (radiographs, diagnostic photographs). 

In order to make the orthodontic appliance, both arches are fingerprinted digitally (so without the classic impression material) and the treatment planning is obtained, with the possibility for the patient to visualize its entire development, from the initial situation to the final result. 

After making the splints in the special laboratory, the patient receives them at home and will have to wear them for at least 22 hours a day (so they are also worn at night), but he will be able to remove them for meals and to maintain proper dental hygiene.


The treatment is personalized, 100% digitized and predictable, from the initial situation to the final result. Our team of professionals specializes in this type of orthodontic treatment, much more comfortable, aesthetic and precise than the classic braces with brackets. 


The Benefits of the Spark Invisible Dental Brace

not noticed

Rapid treatment

Spouts can be removed


Gutter can be changed

visits to the orthodontist will be rarer

Biocompatible material

Do you need braces?

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The Life Dental Spa Clinic receives patients both from Bucharest and from other Romanian cities or from abroad. No road is too long compared to the joy of smiling in record time!

Life Dental Spa guarantees the quality of the procedure and provides you with long-term medical care, in order to maintain the spectacular results obtained with the invisible Spark Dental Apparatus

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