inhalation sedation

inhalation sedation

Inhalation, a help to go to the dentist more relaxed

Going to the dentist is often a cause of anxiety and fear for many patients who, for this reason, delay the moment of going to the consultation. But the delay generates aggravation of dental problems that can worsen the oral health status and may require much more complex treatments. 

For this reason, at Life Dental Spa we use various techniques to help dental phobic patients overcome their fear of the dentist as well as anxiety during dental treatments. So the treatment can become pleasant and relaxing with the help of inhalation sedation, an effective and safe option for dental phobic patients to regain the confidence to go to the dentist.


How to overcome the fear of the dentist? Inhalation and fear of the dentist

For us, the Life Dental Spa team, it is very important that our patients take care of their smile in the most serene way possible.. For this reason, all therapies offered by Life Dental Spa dentists can be performed by inhalation.

inhalation sedation

What is and what does inhalation entail?

Inhalosedation is a safe method in which a nasal mask is applied to the patient, with the help of which they inhale a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, which quickly produces a pleasant feeling of peace and deep relaxation. 

This mixture is also known as the "gas of happiness" and is completely harmless! Under the effect of inhalation, the patient remains conscious, but relaxed and calm, being able to follow the dentist's instructions without feeling fear.


The purpose of inhalation sedation is to control the patient's fear/phobia and anxiety so that he is in a relaxed state while the dentist performs the dental treatment. 

A major advantage is that, during inhalation, oxygen is present in a much higher percentage (between 50 and 70%) than in the atmosphere (where it is about 20%), so this method is also suitable for elderly patients or with health problems such as high blood pressure or heart problems. 

inhalation sedation

What happens during inhalation?

During inhalation, the patient's ability to breathe autonomously, the protective reflexes of the airways and the ability to respond to verbal stimuli are preserved. The action occurs within a maximum of three minutes from the start of inhalation and is reversible just as quickly. Recovery time compared to other sedation methods is extremely short. So the patient can immediately return to normal activities.

Why is inhalation recommended for children?

Inhalation is suitable for all patients who are afraid of the dentist, even for children, people with disabilities, those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, hypertensive patients, diabetics. Breathing is for all patients who feel stressed, who have dentist phobia and who want to feel relaxed during the procedure.


There are no contraindications, because nitrous oxide is a hypoallergenic gas, which does not remain in the body and does not report contraindications with other drugs. Therefore, even among children, inhalation is a benefit, as children remain cooperative and can breathe through the nose, and sitting in the dentist's chair is possible without fear or anxiety.

Is inhalation invasive to the patient's body?

Inhalation is not at all invasive to the human body. Moreover, thanks to her, many of the interventions have become safer and faster, and cooperation with the patient is advantageous after inhalation.

Inhalation and fear of the dentist

At Life Dental Spa, all patients who suffer from dentist phobia and want to enjoy minimally invasive treatments without any discomfort, can opt for inhalation.

What types of dental procedures are performed during inhalation?

All dental procedures proposed by Life Dental Spa dentists can be performed by inhalation.

inhalation sedation

What are the benefits of inhalation?


It is a very efficient, safe technique, it is easy to administer, easy to monitor. Its effects are felt immediately and disappear shortly after finishing the treatment and stopping the administration, leaving a pleasant sensation.


Another advantage is that inhalation allows patients who are afraid of the dentist to feel relaxed during dental procedures.

keep under control

The high percentage of oxygen helps to keep vital parameters under control.

positive experience

Inhalation allows the patient to experience a positive and pleasant experience at the dentist.


the intervention is predictable

Inhalation is also suitable for children who have had unpleasant experiences with the dentist or who are afraid of doctors in general, because the first sessions can be used to get acquainted with the mask and the method, so that the child can experience a feeling of peace. and calm, which in a short time, will increase confidence and allow him to carry out the treatment he needs, without trauma.


Another advantage of inhalation is related to the safety of nitrous oxide, being safe for all patients, including pregnant women, because it has no side effects or the possibility of developing allergies.

multiple benefits

Inhalation has benefits for both the patient and the dentist.

reduces stress and anxiety

Due to the inhalation technique, stress levels and anxiety are considerably reduced.

With the inhalation, the fear of the dentist disappears!

An experience that many patients have is that, after a few sessions at the dentist where they were inhaled, the fear of the dentist disappears and the patients themselves tell us that they feel ready to go to the dentist even without a protoxide mask. nitrogen and oxygen, proof that not only the teeth were treated, but also the relationship with the dentist and dental health!

LIFE DENTAL SPA inhalation sedation

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