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What is a dental appliance used for?

To understand the need for dental braces, we need to know the role of the position of the teeth. During mastication, the tooth is subjected to very high forces.

It is able to withstand these forces having a correct position in the bone. A tilt, rotation or migration of it can create problems leading to tooth wear, root exposure and favoring the appearance of tooth decay or tooth mobility (periodontitis).

Also, interdental spaces that are too large can lead to gingivitis or the appearance of periodontal pockets after food is pressed against the gum.

Orthodontic treatment

By orthodontic treatment dentomaxillary anomalies can be corrected. The advantages of orthodontic treatment include extending the life of the teeth, pleasing visual appearance and better oral health. After a clinical examination, the dentist will decide if an individual treatment plan is recommended.

The treatment may contain: Vertical overocclusion - when the upper front teeth come out far in front of the lower ones.

Reverse occlusion – the lower front teeth are too far forward or the upper ones are too far back.

Cross occlusion - the lower front teeth are too far forward, or the upper ones are too far back.


Open occlusion - when a space is formed between the occlusal surfaces of the front and side teeth.

Midline malocclusion – when the center of the upper front teeth does not align with the center of the lower front teeth.

Spacer teeth - when there are interdental spaces and it is the result of missing teeth or teeth that do not fill the entire arch.

Dental crowding – when there are too many teeth on the dental arch.

Stages of orthodontic treatment

Initial consultation

You must go to the specialist doctor for an initial consultation, in order to provide him with a set of information necessary to apply a treatment.

Treatment plan

Based on the radiographs, the diagnostic pictures and the study model, the specialist doctor will create a personalized treatment plan, which will match the condition of the patient's teeth.

Mounting the device

The specialist doctor will mount the dental appliance exactly as it was provided in the treatment plan. The process of fitting the appliance takes 1-2 hours and is completely painless.

Periodic checks

Periodic checks are carried out once every 4-8 weeks, depending on the type of dental appliance. The orthodontist will determine what will be done at each stage of the treatment, how the consultation will be conducted, what needs to be changed and at what time.


During the consultation sessions, the dental appliance is activated, the spring and elastic modules are changed, if necessary. To help the teeth reach their correct position, the arches will be changed several times during the treatment. The elastic modules on the brackets will come off. It is recommended that after an interval of 3-4 months you request a prophylaxis session - a professional hygiene session.

End of treatment

After the teeth are fixed in the correct position and the teeth have been aligned, then the removal of the braces is resorted to. The removal of the dental appliance is followed by a prophylaxis session.

How do I know if I need braces?

A common reason is visual discomfort. If you have noticed that your teeth are crooked, with spaces between them or crowded, then you definitely need a fixed brace or a removable brace.

When you first bite the teeth must fit together. The abnormal bite is caused by overdevelopment of the mandible and underdevelopment of the upper jaw. Abnormal bite when the upper teeth cover more than half the height of the lower teeth.


The abnormal bite caused by the gap that is created when the upper and lower teeth do not touch along the entire length of the dental arches.

Try to notice the following abnormalities such as:

  • The teeth are crowded or there are alignment problems.
  • The bite is incorrect.
  • There are gum problems due to incorrect bite.
  • You grind your teeth a lot.

The benefits of a dental appliance

Orthodontic treatment improves the facial appearance and prevents periodontal diseases. It also stops all the serious effects on dental health, sometimes resulting in the loss of teeth and subsequently the need for a prosthetic restoration.


The risk of tooth decay will be much lower because aligned teeth are much easier to clean during tooth brushing. Because of this, bacterial plaque is also reduced. Orthodontic treatment solves problems at the level of the mandible joints, which otherwise cause pain in the jaw.

How braces work

Braces help to reposition the teeth by applying a certain degree of pressure on them, in the desired direction, for a certain period of time.

The applied force cannot be too high because it can damage the integrity and functionality of the tooth.

That's why a little pressure and constancy must be applied, over an extended period of time, for the first to change its position in a healthy way.

The pressure exerted on the teeth is adjusted every 3-4 weeks, by the orthodontist, and the treatment can last between 1 and 3 years depending on the severity of the case.

It is necessary to visit the doctor throughout the treatment, because the doctor must check the degree of correct pressure on the teeth.

The application of the dental appliance is not painful. But in the first days, greater discomfort may occur.

After the teeth are perfectly aligned, this result must be maintained because the teeth tend to return to their original position.

Removing the metal device is easy.

Types of Dental Appliances

Unlike ginvisible doors (aligners), classic orthodontic appliances consist of brackets (structures that are fixed on each tooth with specific adhesives) that are joined together with the help of metal or elastic springs.

Metal braces

It is the most common type of appliance and is made of stainless steel.

It has a lower price compared to other types of fixed braces and can be customized with colored elastics.

It is also the most efficient type of classic device and is appreciated for its robustness.


Invisible braces

Now, with the invisible orthodontic appliance, you may have perfectly aligned teeth without wearing brackets! 

The invisible appliance is a state-of-the-art orthodontic technique that meets the demands you have long expected from orthodontics: more comfort, less pain, more aesthetics.

The benefits of the Spark dental appliance

  • Similar to a gutter, made of a completely transparent material, easy to wash, does not stain after drinking coffee or wine
  • The wearing time is much reduced (7-8 months instead of 1-2 years in the case of classic devices)
  • It does not change the pronunciation of words
  • Ensures efficient brushing and cleaning thanks to the fact that it is removable
  • The great advantage of this innovative method is that it progressively improves the smile, quickly bringing the desired result.

The advantages of orthodontic treatment

permanent results

the results obtained are permanent, then maintained with special braces worn at night or dental immobilizers

straightens, corrects and aligns

the position of the teeth, even if the problems are hereditary

facilitates controlled movement

elastic force exerted by the metal spring facilitates the controlled displacement of the growth direction of each individual tooth

it is effective

and corrects even severe dental malocclusions (bites).

prevents dental diseases

helps prevent caries and periodontal disease

less expensive

the investment in a dental appliance is less expensive compared to the dental treatments that may be necessary if the teeth positioning problems are not solved (implants for tooth loss, gingival grafts for gingival retraction, periodontal treatment in case of its installation, etc. )


contributes to the health of teeth and gums


an alternative

The best alternative to classic braces are the invisible braces, a revolutionary way to restore dental harmony, with maximum aesthetics and comfort.


The Life Dental Spa Clinic receives patients both from Bucharest and from other Romanian cities or from abroad. No road is too long compared to the joy of smiling in record time!

Life Dental Spa guarantees the quality of the procedure and provides you with long-term medical care, in order to maintain the spectacular results obtained with the Classic Dental Apparatus.

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The duration of braces treatment varies depending on the type of braces. Treatment usually lasts between 6 months and 2 years plus a waiting period.

Braces are not painful. Due to the brackets, there may be a slight sensitivity, but this will disappear in 3-4 days.

Medical specialists claim that around the age of 7 it is indicated to start wearing a dental appliance.

Hard foods should be avoided. You can opt for soft versions that can be chewed easily.

You don't need to use a special toothbrush for braces. At most you could use an interdental brush.

After the braces have been removed, no stains or scratches will remain on the teeth. Stains that occur due to lack of proper oral hygiene can be easily removed.

During the orthodontic treatment, the teeth are moved from the bone, so after the retention period, they will not return to their original shape.

The costs of braces vary depending on the type of brace, the need for additional appliances, or the need for surgery.

The dental appliance is chosen according to the age of the patient. The type of dental appliance is chosen after a thorough analysis of the data collected after the initial consultation.

No, if you maintain proper hygiene after each meal.

What do our patients say?

The best alternative to classic braces are the invisible braces, a revolutionary way to restore dental harmony, with maximum aesthetics and comfort.

Catalin Maruta

I went the first time with David, the second time with Eva, and the third time I came here to our friends with Mateo (my nephew), because he had to seal his teeth and have perfect teeth. And Ana was grade 10!

So… David was, Eva was, Mateo was, but we still have work to do!

Thank you very much!

Clonda trays

Howdy! I'm Tavi Clonda and I want to say that I'm very happy to have discovered Life Dental Spa.

Because since I came to Life Dental Spa I've forgotten what pain means at the dentist.
I overcame the fear that kept me from going to the dentist for about 3 years, since I had little girls.

I got rid of those who did anesthesia, which is a wonderful thing and any work, any work is done with the laser.

From caries to laser whitening.

The money difference is very small, I recommend Life Dental Spa, forget the fear at the dentist, take care of your teeth and be healthy both mentally and physically Life Dental Spa!

Gabriela Clonda (Cristea)

After a long time, I decided to come to the dentist and I did well, because despite the fact that apparently I had no problem, because unfortunately, when it comes to teeth, problems can appear without symptoms.

Something that also happened to me and I am very happy that I chose Life dental Spa, because things happen here without pain, without fear and it's very relaxed.

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