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Life Dental Spa is the first chain of dental clinics with a biological laser dentistry profile, a complex vision that approaches the patient as a whole, taking into account not only his dental situation, but also his lifestyle, habits, thinking patterns, level of stress, general ailments, immunity, his previous experiences at the dentist and many other elements that directly or indirectly influence his oral health.

The main directions of biological dentistry can be summarized as follows:


Dr. Cristina Obreja

Dr. Cristina Obreja, dentist and founder of Life Dental Spa, is a member of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (Academia Internationala de Stomatologie si Medicina Biologica) and generally shares the same vision as his colleagues in the organization. In turn, he transmits these principles to all the dentists who are part of the Life Dental Spa team and who approach the patient as a whole, in which all the component parts are interdependent and cannot be separated from each other. Each tooth is connected nervously and vascularly to the network of the whole body, so it is important in the body's economy, biologically and energetically, so it deserves to be kept healthy.

Life Dental Spa specialists offer you quality services, so that you can carry out your daily activities without feeling embarrassed by the loss of teeth!

Biological Laser Dentistry

Dr. Cristina Obreja introduced the principles of biological dentistry into the working protocols of Life Dental Spa:

  • Minimal invasiveness and conservatism - dental procedures must be performed with respect for the patient's tissues, acting on diseased areas and preserving healthy dental structures. 
  • Keeping natural teeth as long as possible on the arches. What Nature has created will never be equaled by human inventions, that's why a natural tooth is considered much more valuable and biologically integrated than its technological copy - the dental implant.
  • Prevention as an important form of dental care, achieved through lifestyle education and gentle manipulations addressed to the early stages of oral cavity diseases.
  • Calling for complex procedures such as surgical interventions or implants only if there is no conservative treatment alternative.
  • Eliminating the causes of disease, not just treating the effects.
  • Changing the patient's lifestyle to prevent relapses, through education and monitoring.
  • Metal-free workmanship and materials, as biocompatible as possible, including metal-free implants, filling materials without BPA, mercury, fluoride, metal-free dental crowns, etc.
  • The status of the oral cavity influences the status of the whole body and vice versa 
  • The dentist goes beyond the "dentist" stage and becomes an "oral health advisor" for his patients.

The dental laser was introduced in the Life Dental Spa clinics by Dr. Cristina Obreja in 2017, becoming one of the tools most loved by patients, but also by doctors, due to the efficient, painless and minimally invasive way it treats a wide range of dental diseases. 

Dental lasers are main or auxiliary tools in multiple dental procedures:

Laser caries treatment

Laser periodontitis treatment

Laser gingivitis treatment


Laser microscope channel treatment

Laser teeth whitening

Surgery and laser dental implantology, etc.

Post-intervention care

The work of the holistic dentist is continuously oriented towards the good of the patient, not only locally, at the level of the oral cavity, but also generally, at the level of the whole body. His biologically integrated practice aims at the health of the teeth in the context of the health of the body, being aware that they are interdependent.

In the Life Dental Spa clinics, you will find the ultra-technology of modern dentistry alongside the care and interest of the dentists towards the patient, because we consider the human side, communication and empathy of the team equally important with each person who chooses our services.


The Life Dental Spa Clinic receives patients both from Bucharest and from other Romanian cities or from abroad. No road is too long compared to the joy of smiling in record time!

Life Dental Spa guarantees the quality of the procedure and provides you with long-term medical assistance to maintain the spectacular results obtained with the dental laser.

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