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Life Dental Spa is a unique and successful concept, through which we transformed the conventional approach to dentistry into a holistic and highly biologically integrated one, offering minimally invasive and ultra-technological services, by using the technology of the future: dental laser.

Our partners

Our partners include ING, Banca Transilvania, BCR, Garanti Bank, Unicredit, Deloitte, IMB, Radisson, Megaimage, Rompetrol, MOL, Nissan, Securitas, European Drinks.

The dental subscription with the "Healthy smile" package is dedicated both to the members of this program as well as to families and friends and contains the following benefits:



Give employees a HEALTHY SMILE!

Healthy Smiles is a project FREE OF CHARGE of prevention and dental education, carried out in the Romanian business environment by the Life Dental Spa clinics, since 2012.

The Zambeste Sanatos program was created out of the desire to:

  • To increase the degree of awareness of the importance of oral health among people aged between 20-60 years
  • Create a new type of benefit (free) that Human Resources departments can offer to employees

This program is un benefit that your organization offers to his employees! Being a CSR project does not involve any cost from the company!

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Internal Communication: The project is announced within the Organization, presenting the benefits of this program, and the members of the organization will sign up on the lists that will be sent to Life Dental Spa;

Programming: Scheduling through Customer Care. Listed members of your organization will schedule an appointment by calling the Life Dental Spa Call Center;

Sanitization treatment: Visiting the Life Dental Spa clinics, every patient will benefit from the hygiene package and all other benefits in maximum safety by visiting the Life Dental Spa clinics.

Possibility of escalating costs in FIXED RATES

The payment of the dental treatments carried out through the ZAMBESTE SANATOS PROGRAM can be made including by installments in up to 60 FIXED INSTALLMENTS, with quick pre-approval (10-15 minutes), directly in the Life Dental Spa clinics.

Who are we?

95,7% of patients appreciate the pleasant experience in the office, totally different from the one that made them postpone visiting the dentist for other times!

97,3% of patients find clear communication between the clinic and its patients (current or future)

98,3% of patients continue to recommend LIFE DENTAL SPA clinics, declaring themselves very satisfied with the results of the medical team

96,5% of patients choose Life Dental Spa clinics for the benefits of minimally invasive LASER treatments!


The Life Dental Spa approach aims at patient satisfaction by adopting work standards in our clinics that offer a high level of services, a level that they lacked in the past - LASER dental treatments, which scared many and made them to avoid visits to the dentist


The two centers of permanent attention in all procedures - performing them as least invasively as possible using the most modern and efficient technologies, as well as with minimal discomfort for patients


UNIQUE concept in Romania, introduced by the clinic's founder himself Life Dental Spa - Dr. Cristina Obreja through which the patients and their dental problems are addressed, in the sense of eliminating the cause of the problem, through a unique complex of therapies, extended beyond the limit of treatment in the office  

LASER caries treatment

LASER Periodontitis Treatment

LASER Assisted Microscope Channel Treatment

Invisible Braces

PREMIUM Dental Crowns and Facets

LASER Dental Surgery

Dental Implants

Fixed Teeth Implants

LASER Teeth Whitening

Holistic Dentistry

For those who want a clear and correct diagnosis: the specialist teams use both 3D Computerized Imaging and the 360° Intraoral Video Camera (non-irradiating) during the consultations, with which the patient can clearly see any dental problems in real time on the monitor.

For those who want excellent dental treatments: iwe combine state-of-the-art technologies (dental lasers, EMS/PRGF equipment, articulators, 3D imaging, etc.) with a highly qualified medical team to obtain only excellent results.

For those who want to prevent problems or keep the results obtained: aholistic assessment of the causes that led to dental problems, post-treatment instruction and permanent information complete the dental treatment.



An organization that pays attention to its employees generates their cohesion and commitment internally, as well as the image of a reliable employer externally


The people who build success are the most important resource and it must be a healthy one


The dental benefits package can become one of the differentiators that keep employees satisfied and that can attract valuable people from outside

Don't wait any longer! Now you have every reason to make your team happy

Schedule and let us take care of your team's health!

Care for the health of our patients - in the first place!

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