Romanian dentists jumped to the aid of Ukrainian refugees. The Life Dental Spa chain of clinics offers free emergency dental treatments


Our medical problems do not take into account the place or the context in which we are, nor the financial resources we have, much less the dental pain, which requires a quick intervention. These are the premises from which the team Life Dental Spa, the medical center that brings dentistry closer to the patient, has started a new humanitarian action!

Out of solidarity with the suffering of an entire people, the 100 specialist doctors of the clinic put all their skills, free and voluntary, to solve the most urgent dental problems that Ukrainian refugees, temporarily in the country, could face. Our.

The free treatment can be obtained from February 28, 2022 in all Life Dental Spa clinics in Romania. Medical teams are ready to provide emergency assistance.

These are points from Iași, Cluj, Oradea, Brașov, Sibiu, Arad and Bucharest, where over 100.000 patients have solved their dental problems over time. All those interested have to do is go to the official website of the Life Dental Spa clinic, where they can find a contact form, as well as the necessary phone numbers where they can receive all the information they need. In fact, the Life Dental Spa chain of dental clinics appeals to the other profile centers to join this approach, for a consistent collective effort.



This is not the first time that Life Dental Spa has been involved in such actions. Since its inception, specialists here have launched and supported humanitarian, education and community support projects, including medical volunteering in Nepal. In 2021, Life Dental Spa contributed to the “dentistry of tomorrow”, by installing high-performance equipment in the dental offices in Ilfov, Vrancea, Iași and Brașov counties, within the SOS Dentistry project.


Dr. Cristina Obreja, Founder and Medical Director LIFE DENTAL SPA Coordinator: “Our chain of dental clinics has also been involved in equipping several dental practices in Uganda. Life Dental Spa has also entered into a partnership with the General Directorate of Social Assistance and People with Disabilities, AEDOPS ROMANIA, through which disadvantaged people have benefited free of charge from treating dental problems. ”



Life Dental Spa is a unique, successful concept created to bring dentistry to international standards and a place where patients always come with pleasure. Today, the chain of clinics is a respected and dynamic brand in Romania, which offers minimally invasive, ultra-technological, painless and biocompatible dental services.


Dr. Cristina Obreja, Founder and Medical Director LIFE DENTAL SPA Coordinator: “Life Dental Spa has completely transformed the conventional approach to dentistry into a holistic and highly biologically integrated one, primarily by using the super technology of the future in all dental procedures: laser dental."

Over one million gum diseases have been treated at Life Dental Spa, one of the strongest dental brands in the country!

Refugees from Ukraine, who will benefit during this period absolutely free of charge from the dental treatments of the Life Dental Spa brand, but also all those who need premium interventions have at their disposal the following contact details:

Phone: +0318 282 274 XNUMX


WhatsApp: + 40.770.647.110